The 2019 Coast Day celebration is approaching rapidly and all the parties involved have been busy to organise it as well as possible. The Cypriot hosts have booked the THALASSA Ayia Napa Municipal Museum as the venue of the morning session, and the Environmental Information and Education Centre at Kavo-Gkreko for the more casual afternoon event. Invitations were sent to all interested parties and applications are being received. Another successful Coast Day is anticipated.

Meanwhile, all the other venues of local Coast Day celebrations are buzzing with activities. In Montenegro, the Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone Management of Montenegro has planned the cleaning activity of the Long beach of Ulcinj involving school children. In the afternoon they will visit the recently declared nature park of Ulcinj Salina where they will be informed of the importance of wetlands in general, and especially for birdlife. Slovenia is planning a Coast Week, as usually. This year it will comprise various sea and beach cleaning activities and a number of workshops on different subjects, including, for example, green infrastructure.

Apart from that, Coast Day celebration is being organised by PAP/RAC within the MAVA project in three Mediterranean locations, Oristano (Sardinia, Italy), Ghar el Melh (Tunisia) and Velipoja (Albania). In Sardinia they are planning a 5-day event based on the activities of the Maristanis project (including activities addressed to reduce water use in agriculture and tourism sectors) as well as opening to general public of a permanent exhibition on the weaving products linked to the project Is Fainas realised within the project Maristanis. In Tunisia a 2-day event will be rich in activities, the most interesting one being a human chain around the threatened systems of Ghar el Melh, storytelling related to the Gataaya and understanding on how climate change will impact the Gatayaa, as well as camping in Sidi Ali el Makki: Night under the stars with storytelling. Albania will be organising the Coast Day for the first time. It will be in the Buna River Velipoje Protected Landscape near the Velipoje beach and include various activities, from canoeing on the lake and bicycle race, to a photo contest and a traditional fair with cooking of local meals, and traditional arts and crafts.

Posted on Sep 23, 2019