It seems like yesterday that we celebrated the Mediterranean Coast Day in Split, yet a new celebration is almost here. This year the regional celebration will be held in Ayia Napa, Cyprus, on 25 September 2019. It is being organised by PAP/RAC in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment of Cyprus and specifically the Department of Environment. This event, celebrated annually since 2007, brings together all the countries of the Mediterranean to raise awareness of the importance of the coast as a natural, cultural and economic resource, and the risks it currently faces. The invited participants include Mediterranean governmental representatives, UN Environment/MAP representatives, distinguished foreign guests, diplomatic corps and representatives of international organisations in Cyprus, as well as local authorities, partner NGOs and associations. This year’s event will be an opportunity to promote the Integrated Coastal Zone Management Strategy for Cyprus 2018-2030 and to raise awareness of the necessity to be more strategic in the use of the precious national territories that are coastal zones. Thus, the topic of this event will be “LET’S BE STRATEGIC”.

Apart from the central regional celebration, a number of national and local events are planned. Traditionally, Montenegro will have a Coast Day celebration, while Slovenia will have a Coast Week. Also, within the MAVA project, Coast Day events will be organised in Oristano (Sardinia, Italy), in Ghar el Melh (Tunisia) and in Velipoja (Albania).

Posted on Sep 22, 2019