Coast Day 2018 - Coming soon, Split, Croatia

As every year since 2007, PAP/RAC is preparing the Mediterranean Coast Day celebration. The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness on the value of the coastal zone, as well as on all the pressures threatening our coast and sea. The specific topic of this year’s campaign is PAP/RAC’s 40th birthday, better to say, 40 years of collaboration of the Mediterranean countries on securing healthy, productive, diverse, distinctive, attractive and resilient Mediterranean coastal zone.

In addition, this year’s celebration will be honoured by the presence of the Directors of all UNEP Regional Seas. Namely, UN Environment’s Regional Seas Programme, one of its most significant achievements, assembles 143 countries around their seas, working together to address the accelerating degradation of the world’s oceans and coastal zones through a “shared seas” approach. Mediterranean was the first among today’s 18 Regional Seas Programmes, and we feel privileged to have all our colleagues from all over the world celebrating with us.

As usual, we are preparing an official, working part of the campaign, as well as a whole string of educational activities, from workshops, round tables, photo exhibition, underwater cleaning, to a Mediterranean fair. A large number of activities will be implemented with the aim of presenting local institutions and organizations involved in coastal and marine protection and management, as well as influencing young and old with the care for our coast and sea. The ultimate goal of the Mediterranean Coast Day campaign is spreading the knowledge on the state of our coast and seas, as well as spreading the passion and enthusiasm for future champions for the coast.

Posted on Sep 18, 2018