On Saturday, 15 September, a photographic exhibition “Legends of the Mediterranean” was opened at the gallery of the Split City Museum, as the first event envisaged by the programme of the 2018 Coast Day. The exhibition presents the work of Stipe Surać, renowned Croatian photographer. At the opening of the exhibition the audience was addressed first by Ms Željka Škaričić, PAP/RAC Director, who pointed out that PAP/RAC strived to promote better, sustainable uses of the coastal resources, and to preserve the natural beauty, landscape diversity and identity of the local population, all described by this exhibition. Mr. Hrvoje Prčić, Editor of the Croatian edition of the “National Geographic” magazine, considers Stipe Surać one of the best reportage photographers in this part of Europe. In the 22 years of professional career he has published several thousand photographs in numerous volumes on Croatia, its nature, culture, places, people and other related topics. His reportages have often been presented in the Croatian edition of “National Geographic“, 39 times so far, of which 8 have been on the cover of the magazine. His photographs are regularly published in various other magazines in Croatia and abroad. He has won more than 60 awards at various photographic competitions in Croatia and abroad. Stipe Surać was also praised by Mr. Bruno Ćurko with whom he has collaborated on several projects through the association “Small Philosophy”. He pointed out that some of the presented photographs would be included in the book “Mediterranean Wardrobe”, currently in the final phase of editing.

Posted on Sep 19, 2018