Big blue Split way

As part of the Mediterranean Coast Day celebration, the divers of the association UPA “Rostrum” and members of the diving-ecological club “Solin” organise seabed cleaning action at Vranjic on Sunday, September 22. This activity, the aim of which is raising environmental awareness, will be supported by members of the local fire brigade and volunteers who will be in charge of receiving and disposing the recovered waste. They invite all those interested in the matter to join them. The event is organised with the technical and financial support of the MedSea Foundation and their world renowned partner Parley for the Ocean. They will gather at 9 a.m, and start diving at 10:30 a.m. Starting at 4 p.m. the visitors of Split Đardin will be informed about the activities of the association.

Cleaing oif the seabed around Vranjic is just one of 20-odd activities that volunteers of the UP “Rostrum” organise every year. Apart from breathtakingly beautiful scenes, the submarine world, unfortunately, hides unimaginable quantities of waste. The main culprit for that, as pointed out by Marko Lete, “Rostrum” secretary, is human factor. It is, therefore, necessary to insist on education and awareness raising of the need the preserve the coast and the sea. The Sunday activity, that will result in clean seabed around the Vranjic peninsula, will gather 50-odd diving enthusiasts.

“Two months ago we performed research and made a map of the Split area with all critical points regarding waste in the sea. Vranjic is one of those points that need cleaning. Our aim is to appeal to the local population – and experience shows that it is the locals and not tourists the greatest polluters of the coast and sea – to start taking care of the preservation of flora and fauna” stresses the UPA “Rostrum” secretary.

Marko Lete reminds us that our part of the Mediterranean is home to numerous plant and animal species so that it is possible to hold in just one hand maybe a hundred different units. Along with numerous seabed cleaning actions, the volunteers of the UP “Rostrum” perform regular submarine-archaeological research, as well as diving courses and education.

On Friday, September 21, at the Maritime Museum, starting at 7 p.m., the divers of the UPA “Rostrum” will hold lecture with projection "Croatian submarine world – what can we find there? Archaeology, ecology, malacology", and on Saturday, September 22 at 10 a.m. also at the Maritime Museum, they will organise a workshop for children “Secrets of the Adriatic Underwater World”. The children will have the opportunity to try the latest diving equipment and will be introduced to diving methods past and present. In the second part of the workshop they will express themselves creatively on the themes regarding underwater world and diving. They will not leave the workshop before they get answers to questions such as what are the chances to encounter a shark, how many species of snails and shellfish there are in the Adriatic or how does an underwater archaeological site looks like. Applications for the participation in the workshop can be made on telephone no. 021/347-346, or the Maritime Museum e-mail address:

Posted on Sep 23, 2018