2015 Tunisia (LC)

After hosting the regional event in 2014, Tunisia, owing to the involvement of the Agency for coastal planning and  protection (APAL), and, in particular, the strong support from the NGO “Notre Grand Bleu”, a series of Coast Day invests took place on the Elkaraia beach on September 27. In line with last year’s main event  theme “A good climate for change” it was decided, in cooperation with  PAP/RAC, and in the frame of the ClimVar & ICZM project, to raise  awareness on climate variability and change impacts on coastal zones. A  team from “Notre Grand Bleu”, in cooperation with APAL, coordinated the events, which can be summarised as follows:

  • national symposium on global warming and influence on species and integration to ICZM;
  • a beach cleaning operation to help raise awareness on the lifetime of wastes;
  • a drawing  contest to raise awareness on the key issues related to climate change, such as erosion, global warming and sea level rise ;
  • a discovery dive, and an underwater drawing contest, to highlight the issue of sea level rise.