2014 Montenegro (LC)

The Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of  Montenegro and the Public Enterprise for Management of the Maritime  Domain joined efforts to mark the Mediterranean Coast Day with the main  objective of raising awareness of the value of the coast and education  of school children on the importance of coastal zone protection.  Educational workshops were organised at an elementary school in  Podgorica and one in Budva, while “Coast Day” educational posters and  other promotional materials were distributed at elementary and high  schools in Herceg Novi, Kotor, Tivat, Budva, Bar, Ulcinj, Cetinje and  Podgorica. In the educational workshops the pupils were shown short  films dealing with environmental protection, effects of climate change  and values of the coast. Representatives of relevant institutions made  presentations on the importance of the sea as both natural and  socio-economic resource, on the need to protect the environment, on the  effects of climate change and the responsibility of the society as a  whole. The main objective was stimulating those young people to get  actively involved in environmental protection initiatives.

Continuing the tradition of preparing educational posters for the  Coast Day, this year the Public Enterprise for Management of the  Maritime Domain, in cooperation with the Institute of Marine Biology of  Kotor, prepared a poster dealing with “Jellyfish of the Mediterranean”.  As with all the earlier posters dealing with various marine environment  related topics, the objective of this year’s poster was to sensitize  school children to issues important for coastal zone preservation.