2013 Slovenia (LC)

The Pretorian palace of the city of Koper hosted the celebration of the Slovenian Coast Day on 18 September 2013. Mr. Mitja Bricelj,  Co-ordinator for the implementation of the Barcelona Convention in Slovenia, stressed the need to better take various pressures on the coastal environment into account in particular their vulnerability. 

He introduced several projects that will be initiated and should increase effectiveness of the management of coastal and marine resources. Among the projects presented was also the SHAPE IPA Adriatic project with its first results related to the establishment of the coastal setback zone among other project's outputs. The Minister, Mr. Dejan Židan, confirmed the commitment of the government to support the planning of coastal resources in particular the water ones. He also stressed the importance of the ICZM Protocol which, according to his Ministry's policy, should become a key instrument for a better management of Slovenian coastal zone and its resources.