2013 Croatia (LC)

On Saturday, September 21, at 11 a.m. people from Split gathered on the westernmost part of the newly reconstructed seaside promenade in front of the Town Hall. The programme envisaged interventions by children from kindergarten, elementary school and a high school who presented their views of the state of the beaches and suggest measures to be taken to improve the situation. There was also be a little sailing regatta, musical programme, as well as a fair with ecologically produced fruit and vegetables, fruit juices, honey, etc. Our Centre used the opportunity to promote its work and the activities of the SHAPE project. Hopefully the weather cooperated and the inhabitants of Split came in great numbers.

Split students

The 2013 Mediterranean Coast Day celebration will focus on raising awareness of the future of the coasts in the Mediterranean. Great importance is attributed to work with children and adolescents. PAP/RAC has approached the geography teacher from the grammar school “Vladimir Nazor” of Split to organise some activities with his advanced geography group. During the spring semester a number of activities were organised, from workshops and lectures, to practical research on the city beaches. In their geography classes and based on the lectures they attended at PAP/RAC office on coastal zone management and beach management, the students prepared a brief analysis of three beaches in the Split  municipality (Žnjan, Kašjuni, Bačvice). 

On July 3 they visited PAP/RAC to present their work and first draft of the presentation they will make as part of the programme of the central Coast Day celebration in Rimini on September 25. They presented the results of their study and the methodology used for the analysis through power point presentation, describing the beaches, identifying key issues and pointing out possible solutions. Each presentation was commented by the PAP/RAC’s experts. The students were given tips on how to better structure their presentations and suggestions on how to better illustrate the methodology they applied. The PAP/RAC team agreed that the work done by the students, well driven by their teacher, was very good, both the desk work and the field researches. They will now finalise their work, and to prove their motivation the students agreed to make another test presentation again in August, before the best students join the main Coast Day 2013 Celebration in Rimini, Italy, on September 25.