2011 Montenegro (LC)

Continuing its tradition to celebrate the Mediterranean Coast Day, the “Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone Management” will organise activities in every coastal municipality to mark this date. This year, they joined forces with the "Ecovivia" NGO and the Hydro-meteorological Institute of Podgorica. The activities will involve high-school students from 6 coastal municipalities and include field trips to selected beaches in each town, and demonstration of the sampling and data collection for the bathing water quality and beach profiles. All the students involved  will have a chance to participate in the demonstration and will fill the survey sheets with beach profile data. They will also receive a poster about oceanographic processes in the sea as well as the Coast Day T-shirts. The goal of this activity is to inform and educate young generations on modern ways of bathing water analysis and its importance for the protection of the coastal zone. The work will be performed between Monday and Thursday, after which short information with pictures will be published on the web site of the Public Enterprise "Morsko Dobro".  The local media are also invited and appropriate media coverage is expected in daily newspapers and on the local radio stations. Since the weather forecast is good, we are sure that this will be another successful event organised by the Public Enterprise.