2010 Slovenia (RC)

Following the first Protocol ratification in the Mediterranean – by Slovenia on 25th September 2009 – there will be a number of awareness raising activities on the quality of our coasts organised during the week 18-25 September 2010, culminating with the celebration of Coast Day on 25 September, and open to all coastal states of the Mediterranean Basin.

For the 2010 event organised in Slovenia, activities will be centred on the issue of public participation, in particular participatory approach to the ICZM and institutional coordination. Local partners will be encouraged to organise related activities also in other countries of the Mediterranean Basin, within the framework of Coast Week and in coordination with UNEP/MAP. 

The proposed focus for Coast Day 2010 is the issue of participatory planning of coastal areas. This issue includes individual responsibility and changing citizens’ attitude and behaviour, as well as the role of local authorities and stakeholders in responsible coastal planning and management.

Three main segments should constitute the heart of the celebrations on Coast Day in Slovenia: high level political panel, good practice workshop and awareness raising activities.

  • Political: High level panel of speakers including politicians and regional ambassadors illustrating how to contribute to the protection of Mediterranean coast. Discussions should focus on national experiences (Algeria, Italy, Slovenia, EU), and how to involve the private sector. After the political segment, a round-table discussion will focus on the exchange of know-how, presenting national experiences and practices.
  • Good practices” workshop: the workshop should be the opportunity for local actors to exchange ideas on good practices for participatory planning and institutional coordination, including latest achievements and future activities relevant to the Protocol. The exchanges should focus on encouraging participatory planning process at local level, and at devising practices to mobilise other actors, including the private sector.
  • Public awareness: local partners in Slovenia would develop the public awareness activities related to the Coast Day event; hence the importance of the involvement of NGOs, foundations and local actors. NGOs and local actors would be encouraged to organise related activities also in other countries of the Mediterranean Basin, within the framework of Coast Week and in coordination with UNEP/MAP.

Awareness raising activities for the general public could include:

  • activities for the children, like street theatre and environmental games; 
  • photo and painting contests, organised through cooperation with Ministries of Education or local authorities;
  •  public concerts; TV/cinema spot to be shown in cinemas/TVs in the countries of the Convention during Coast Week (investigate the possibility to have it promoted through the MTV network);
  • set up of groups and event promotion through social networks (Facebook; Twitter); 
  •  organisers of ongoing sports and other outdoor activities at national/local level could be asked to add the Coast Day logo and colours to their events, helping to make Coast Day activities more visible.

The events will focus on the idea of exchanging good practices, with Slovenia hosting public awareness activities and a workshop to exchange “good practices” and ideas to implement coastal management at local level. Such theme will ensure wide interest and participation among local authorities in the member states of the Barcelona Convention.