2009 Turkey (RC)

MAP and PAP/RAC jointly with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, the Municipality of Datca-Mugla, Mugla University and Underwater Research Society, Turkey, are organising the third annual celebration of the Coast Day in the Mediterranean. The central event will take place in Datca-Mugla (Culture Centre of the Municipality), Turkey, on 24 October 2009.

The event will include organisation of a technical panel for the experts and a series of awareness-raising activities for the general public. The panel, entitled "ICZM Protocol: for a better future of our coasts" aims to promote the ratification and implementation of the Mediterranean ICZM Protocol, as well as to present the achievements of Mediterranean countries in managing their coasts.

The ICZM Protocol panel includes different oral and poster presentations regarding the ICZM Protocol structure, objectives and implementation options; and the latest achievements and future activities relevant to Protocol ratification and implementation.

The second part of the celebration, which will be organised for the general public, will include a colloquy and other awareness-raising activities carried out for the Coast Day in Turkey, namely: coast and underwater cleaning; photo contest and painting contest; presentation of the "green and blue card system" of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (the card is used to control wastes of the ships and yachts electronically in Turkey); a public concert and alike.

In addition, it is expected that the representatives of Mediterranean countries present their organisations' documents, photos, posters and their Coast Day promotional materials. Since several academy members and representatives of governmental organisations from Turkey will attend the event, this might be a good opportunity to meet and search for a further co-operation.

It is envisaged that the event will be attended by the representatives of the Contracting Parties, as well as by a number of experts, representatives of governmental and non-governmental organisations, academy members, famous writers and TV programmers from Turkey.

The Coast Day celebration  in Turkey was coordinated by the MoEF EIA and Planning General Directorate, which aslo has responsibilities on ICZM, physical planning, EIA and SEA procedures.

Aim of the general directorate is to use Coast Day activities as a merging, coordinating utility for all related national and local coastal institutions, municipalities, NGO’s and habitants. Ultimate aim is not only increasing awareness with celebrations, but also creating an added value, which is presented by increased communication, coordination of all related groups, a national ICZM strategy prepared with their contributions and national, establishment of local baseline data base for every coast, sea related activities.

With only two months of preparation and very limited amount of financial resource, Coast Day 08 was better celebrated than 2007. Next years aim is to celebrate the day in several places and occasions in summer time and present all these activities with a meeting in 24 October. We hope that all sea and coast related activities, seminars, conferences etc. will be held under the umbrella of Coast Day in fallowing years in Turkey.  

 All activities, documents and sample photos are also present at MoEF’s web site www.cevreorman.gov.tr.