In the framework of the EU funded SMAP III project "Promoting Awareness and Enabling a Policy Framework for Environment and Development Integration in the Mediterranean with Focus on Integrated Coastal Zone Management", PAP/RAC, together with its partners (the BP/RAC and METAP of the World Bank), is organising in collaboration with the Autonomous Region of Sardinia (Italy) a Mediterranean Workshop on Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) Policy to be held in Alghero, Sardinia, on 19-21 May 2008.

The workshop is organised under the auspices of the PAP/RAC appointed Ambassadors for the Coast:

- Mr. Renato Soru, President of the Sardinia Region,
- Mr. Chérif Rahmani, Minister of Environment of Algeria,
- Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Hasnaa of Morocco, and
- Mr. Mostafa K. Tolba, Former Executive Director of UNEP.

Regional ICZM efforts have recently culminated when the Protocol on ICZM was signed by fourteen Mediterranean countries in Madrid, on 21 January 2008. All the parties are convinced that this Protocol is a crucial milestone in the history of the Mediterranean, and that it will allow the countries to better manage their coastal zones.

PAP/RAC of UNEP/MAP, one of the main actors of the coastal and marine management in the Mediterranean, together with its partners (the Blue Plan/MAP and METAP/World Bank), will provide an overview of the main challenges to the Mediterranean coasts and offer policy options for facing those challenges and succeeding in ensuring sustainable coastal development.

Deadline for applications for the workshop is: April 25, 2008. Applications to be sent to:

On May 21, a public awareness event will be organised for the participants of the workshop and for the wider public in Sardinia.